Saturday, March 20, 2010

All The Cool People I'm Meeting.

Jim and Jen at Deception Pass - Jim's a talented photographer, He and his wonderful partner have spent four months traveling the US hiking, exploring, and photographing the National Parks. Thanks for the beer, sausage, pizza, and night by the campfire.

Tom at Point Martin - Tom is a skinboat paddler, and builder. His craft is a beauty - thanks for coming back with photos Tom! That apple was De-lish!

Bill, Park Ranger at Point Wilson - A very interesting and friendly fellow. Just finished putting the refurbished diesels back into a 38' ex-fishing boat that he worked on in his younger days. I wish I could have stayed long enough to see it my friend but I slipped out in the night while the wind was down. Sorry I missed you, I tied to get a message to you but no-one was around.

Mike from the Olympic Penninsula Paddlers - First kayaker I'd run into on the water in three weeks. Nice fellow and looking for a kayak that fits him. Good luck in the search Mike, and that Explorer is a good kayak.

Kevin in Port Angeles - Brother you saved my bacon by being on the docks looking for, and finding my poor maliciously 'freed' kayak, and going home at midnight to pick up your inflatable kayak so that I could retrieve her. Good men like you make me believe in the honesty and ethics of man again.

Jim in Sekiu - Jim runs a great little place in Sekiu by the name of Curley's Resort. Thanks for the bed and rest Jim. You're a kind man, a grerat host, and a really interesting guy.

Isaiah, Shanon, and Levi - the three young fellows at Neah Bay that I had the pleasure of sharing my lunch with.

...and also to the incredible lady who runs the little Espresso Shop here - didn't get her name but will, who has a family of seven children, three by natural birth and another four step-children. On top of this she works full time... The world needs more great mothers like her. Thank-you Lee Ann, her name is Lee Ann.

Gail at Makah Bay - the 69 - almost seventy year old tribal grandmother who not only gave me a ride back from town but took the time to explain to me just where the First Nations people of Washington and the USA stand in relation to their government. Incredible lady and she loves her culture. She mentioned 'Young Doctor' the man who built many of the traditional canoes paddled by the coastal tribes. A man who should be mentioned.

Greg and Linda at Neah Bay - Greg is an amazing carver, and took the time to tell me some history of the Makah people and talk with me about my journey. Linda runs a bakery and pizza shop, and cooks in a beautiful brick wood fired oven. The baked goods are scrumptious, the sweets are to die for, and the pizza has a taste that only wood-fire can bring out.

Kirk at the Makah Museum - Thank-you for sharing so much of the history of your people. Your time is very much appreciated.

Douglas - Neah Bay's pizza chef, and future bad-ass. We had a very interesting conversation about the state of world economics and political systems, and the chess game of presenting a strong argument. You're a smart guy D. The world needs folks like you who are willing, and have the ability, to pull it all together!

Brian - One of Neah Bay's Volunteer Firefighters, a tribal journey paddler, and the proud grandson of a whaler. Brian came out to check on me in the storms, and we shared the pleasure of a sweat, and a good long conversation. Good conversation my friend. Yesterday Brian and I spent the entire afternoon building a Makah styled canoe paddle together. The piece of yellow cedar he pulled out to build it out of was gorgeous. The paddle is a work of art, and I'll use it with pride and good memories.

Jessie - A Neah Bay Tribal Elder - A ride back to my camp led to a fascinating story of Jessie's long life living and working the sea. Jessie has traveled all over the world to speak on First Nations Rights and Treaties, and came to Canada to help in the negotiations and recent treaty settlements that have started to pave the way for final resolution of a disgraceful past on the part of my government.

...if you're seeing a trend here it's that Neah Bay has been a very good place to me and everyone I meet has a story to share. I apologize to all the good people I haven't listed personally - it would be a very long list indeed.